The cottage is fitted with smoke detectors.
In the case of fire leave the house quickly, leaving all possessions behind. Ensure that anyone who has reduced mobility is helped and that all children and babies are removed from the house.
Please keep the key in the door so it can be opened at night.
Please phone 999 when everyone is safe and then contact us on 01271883339.
The exit is the front door or if necessary the ground floor windows.
To minimize the risk of fire we have a few house rules. The most important are NO SMOKING and NO CANDLES in the house.
In the kitchen please never leave oil unattended on the hob.
Please do not let flammable rubbish build up in the houses, as this is not safe.
Please ensure that any celebratory decorations you may bring are safe and are used safely.
If there are any worries about electrical items being unsafe or indeed anything being of a concern please report it to us as soon as you can.