We love dogs. We like dogs coming to stay. Not all dogs are suitable for Coulscott though and so we don’t always take them. We must protect the interests of other people staying with us and protect Coulscott itself.

There is a small charge per property of £25 per dog.

When we will take dogs
We don’t take any dogs automatically.
We don’t take big dogs, dogs which we think are of an unsuitable breed or dogs aged under 12 months. As a guide line we consider labradors to be a medium sized dog.
All dogs must be booked in by prior agreement and we must be informed of their name, breed and age.
We will not take more than two dogs per property. Please contact us by phone or email if you wish to bring two dogs. In smaller cottages and with full human occupancy this is not always possible.
We are happy to have dogs that are clean, obedient and gentle.
Do not bring any dog that is not all of those.
We do not accept female dogs in season or close to it.
We take dogs in any of our properties except The Old Barn.
The owner must agree to the conditions of this policy.
When the dogs are here
They may be walked off the lead in our dog  field but not otherwise let off the lead outside.
They must never go in our animal enclosures, play areas, playroom or pool building.
They may not go upstairs (our stair gate must be in place at all times while a dog is staying).
They are allowed on the sofas provided that you use the throws provided and keep the dog from contact with the soft furnishings.
They must be clean inside the property and if you bring a muddy dog back from a walk, please clean them off using the outside hose and dog towel provided. Please do not use any towels provided for our human guests.
Owners must clean up after them outside. We provide poo bags and a poo bin. Please do not leave the poo bags, full, around the site – always place them in the designated bin.
They must not be left alone in a property unless they are suitably crated and will not make a noise to disturb other guests.
They must not bark excessively or otherwise interfere with the enjoyment of other guests
We may charge for any damage.
When you leave please remove as much dog hair and dirt as possible; if properties require serious additional cleaning we will have to charge a £50 fee to cover the cost.
If you are part of a group booking, and your party has taken two or more cottages the dog/s must remain in the cottage that the dog/s were booked into. If they are going to enter the other cottages the dog fee per cottage must be paid.

If this all sounds a bit formal don’t worry too much. If you are a considerate, well-trained owner everything will be fine!