Coulscott is set in its own little valley, a quarter of a mile from any other buildings. It has acres of grounds to wander with lawns, gardens, streams, ponds, meadows and trees. It has astonishing views. There is an indoor playroom, games room, play area, outdoor furniture, barbecues, hot tubs and a big, warm, indoor pool (always kept at 30°C or above). Peacocks wander the grounds and we have a huge animal enclosure with hens and ducks as well as alpacas, pigs and goats.

In our outdoor play area — a large wooden pirate ship with decks, tunnel, ships wheel, plank and large sand pit, a 2 storey Wendy House with built in furniture and veranda also a wooden tractor complete with slide.

Apple TV and Netflix, Sky free view plus excellent WiFi in all properties.

  • Heated indoor pool (always at at least 30°C)
  • Private hot tubs for 3 houses
  • Outdoor play area (with trampoline, swings, slides, climbing frame, football goal, wooden tractor, wooden pirate ship, wooden Wendy house, sand pit)
  • Indoor soft play area (with ball pool)
  • Games room (with table football and table tennis)
  • Animals (alpacas, hens, ducks, peacocks, guinea pigs, goats, pigs & a wallaby)
  • Grounds

Photographs of Coulscott’s Facilities