The Contract
This Contract for a short-term holiday letting (in accordance with Schedule 1, Part I, section 9 Housing Act 1988) is between the owners of Coulscott House (“us” or “we”) and those staying or agreeing to stay at Coulscott House (“you”). The property let is one or more of the cottages or houses comprising Coulscott House (“the property”). The person making the booking (‘the booker”) certifies that all members of the holiday party are aware of the terms and conditions of this contract and agree to be bound by them. All members of the party are jointly and severally liable under it. They agree that all communication with them can be through the booker. This contract has been made within England and Wales. Your submission of a booking form constitutes an irrevocable offer to enter into a contract, which will be complete when we have accepted your booking (as distinct from merely acknowledging receipt of your booking request). This acceptance will include a payment, in part or in full by you for your holiday unless we have specifically waived this requirement. Any of the terms of this contract may be varied by specific agreement in writing.

A deposit of one third of the price of the holiday is payable by you on booking. The full amount is due from you six weeks from the start of your holiday or at once if the booking is made at shorter notice. Payment may be made by cheque or bank transfer.

Cancellation by you
Once we have accepted your booking there is a binding contract between us and you may only cancel your holiday with our agreement. If you do wish to cancel, tell us at once and we will do our best to re-sell your holiday for the highest price we can, at our discretion, obtain. You will still be liable to us for the full price of the holiday. If, however, we find someone else to take it we will reduce your debt, or repay you, accordingly. We reserve the right, in this case, to charge a modest administration fee and any additional expenses we incur such as agency fees. You would be well advised to consider taking out appropriate cancellation insurance.
If your booked accommodation at Coulscott is ready and available for you to stay in, but you are entirely prevented from using it by some unforeseeable event totally beyond your control, then in no circumstances will you be entitled to repayment of any money already paid to us.

Cancellation by us
We retain the right to cancel your holiday in advance for any reason which seems to us sufficient, including circumstances beyond our control such as fire, flood, epidemics or damage to the property, in which case you will be repaid money paid to us by you for the holiday in full. If we have to terminate your holiday part way through for such a reason you will be refunded part of the amount pro rata based on the time remaining of the booking.
No additional compensation, expenses or costs will be payable by us to you in any circumstances.

Services and Facilities
Services and facilities can be interrupted or break down, particularly in a rural setting. In the absence of electricity supply or other essential service, in such circumstances that the holiday cannot reasonably take place or continue, you will be offered the opportunity to curtail your holiday with an appropriate refund.
The absence of non-essential services such as television or wi-fi or problems with non-essential facilities including pool and hot tubs will not be a good reason to terminate the holiday or seek a refund.
We have a discretion to distinguish in these cases between the essential and non-essential.
We will make every effort to sort out all such problems as quickly as possible.

Except where otherwise stipulated by law, no compensation, expenses, costs or refund whatever and for whatever cause will in total exceed the cost paid by you to us for the holiday.

Smoking is entirely forbidden in the property or any building on site. You may be charged for any extra cleaning arising out of breach of this condition.

Details of guests must be supplied to us at the time of booking on the booking form or as soon as possible thereafter in the event of any agreed change. Those guests so detailed are those who may stay in the property. The number of guests cannot exceed the maximum number advertised for the property.
If you wish to invite non-residents on site, this must be cleared with us first. Use of the pool or other facilities by non-residents will be consented to sparingly.

Due to the steep nature of our site, parking is limited. Details of vehicles (up to the maximum advertised for that property) must be supplied to us in advance and any extra, or particularly large, vehicle must be agreed with us beforehand..

We reserve the right, at our discretion, to charge a refundable deposit for any booking.
We always do so for group bookings.
We have the right to retain all or part of the deposit in the event of damage, breakages or other loss to us by breaches of this agreement. This does not affect our right to claim further if the deposit is insufficient compensation.

Care of the Property
You must take reasonable care of the property and its contents as well as the facilities, outbuildings, grounds and livestock.
You must not cause damage or breakages beyond normal wear and tear.
You must not move furniture and must leave items as far as possible where you found them. In the event of a group booking you must not move items between properties without being sure to replace them.
You must leave the property reasonably clean and tidy.

You must act with consideration for other guests.
Please have a good time but don’t act to the annoyance of others. We are in the peaceful countryside. Children go to bed early. In particular there must be no –
Noise – no excessively loud music or music played outside, repeatedly barking dogs, late night revelry outside etc
Offensive behaviour such as loud swearing, nudity etc
Dangerous, threatening, unlawful or illegal behavior.

If you repeatedly breach or very seriously breach (of which we are the sole judge) these terms during your holiday we may require you to leave at once without compensation. In this case your letting is terminated at once and if you fail to leave you will be charged accordingly.

Period of Letting
You may take possession of the property at any time after 4pm on the first day. You must have left by 10am on the last day.
If you are late leaving we may charge you a daily amount, based on your total holiday payment, for each day or part day that you remain.

Swimming Pool, Hot Tubs, Play Room and Play Areas
We have separate rules relating to these. The rules are to ensure their use without damage to the facilities or annoyance to others. Much more importantly they are for the safety of our guests. They must be observed.

You may not bring any pets with you to Coulscott save for dogs agreed and paid for in advance. We have a separate Dog Policy which must be observed.

Right of Entry
We, and workmen and others authorized by us have a right of entry to the property at all reasonable times for inspection or maintenance.

Fire Safety
Candles, fireworks, indoor smoking and similar fire hazards are not allowed. Guidance for the use of woodburners must be observed. Familiarise yourself with the Fire Safety Emergency Plan.

Children’s Colouring Items
Felt and fibre tipped pens, paints and wax crayons cause damage. Please do not bring them. We have lovely pictures drawn for us by guests’ children with ordinary crayons.

You should raise any problems or concerns during your stay as soon as you are aware of them. We can then assess the situation and put things right as soon as possible. We will not entertain complaints made after leaving which we could have addressed during your stay.
We do have a complaints procedure, will take any complaint seriously and will do everything we reasonably can to resolve it to your satisfaction.

Except where the law, or these conditions, specifically stipulate to the contrary, we, our employees, agents and representatives will not be liable for any loss or damage however arising.

Data Privicy
Unless you have indicated otherwise during the booking process, you consent to our sharing your data with Premier Cottages, a marketing collective to which we belong. You may receive occasional promotional emails and post from them and from us. You may at any time decline to receive more. We will not pass your data to anyone else.